7 ways to be efficient without domestic help

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

One shoe lying in one corner of the house, another one lying in another corner? A wet towel lying on the bed? An unmade bed? Oh, you expect some domestic help to clean it all up tomorrow? Then its ok. But if that is a NO, especially in current times. Then this article is for you.

Let’s discuss a few ways to optimize the household work along with office work. I know at least we indians need these tips:

  1. Eliminate any unnecessary work. During normal times when there is help – we don’t think about ‘efficient organization’ or ‘limiting the use’ of stuff much. But now, it is essential that all unnecessary tasks are done away with. Like:
    1. Why keep an overflowing stash of utensils? Reduce the number to a more manageable one.
    2. Why do you want to clean-up every surface every single day? reduce the number of surfaces that need cleanup by covering them up, keeping all small stuff inside cupboards or Chesters.
    3. If there is some stuff that you have not used in a few months, keep them under your bed or wherever you put away useless articles.
    4. You took one thing, used it, now please keep it back! Encourage the practice of keeping things at their original place always.
    5. Do you really need to cook so many dishes every single time? Keep it simple, easy and reduce the number.
  2. Reduce the frequency of cleanup. Might be your help was cleaning up your house twice daily. But now, that won’t be possible for some days at least. Now that you are reducing the clutter, you don’t need so much frequency of cleanup too. If people are not going outside much, reduce the house cleanup and wiping to once daily. You may want to just clean the area that is most in use twice though if there are people coming inside and outside.
  3. Divide the tasks. Women need to manage the household? Really? No. There is no such rule written anywhere. Even if one is a housewife. Divide the tasks as much as possible. Some methods are:
    1. Make everyone wash their own utensils
    2. Encourage kids to keep organizing their stuff periodically so that it is not too much to clean up at once.
    3. While cooking, take small help from people
    4. Ask people to keep their own clothes in the washing machine or wash them when they take a bath.
    5. Think of other tasks that can be divided too.
  4. Wash the utensils when they get dirty. This way there is always less mess in the kitchen and freshly dirty utensils are easier to clean too.
  5. Don’t overwhelm yourself with all the work. If you find yourself too tired, rest and let the task wait for some time.
  6. Do know, that it is not essential to keep everything in order all the time. Learn to let go when it is not essential. It really is ok, if everything does not seem as tidy as it should be. You can do it later. Take a deep breath.
  7. Take time out for yourself. Exercise mentally and physically. If you have not already, start meditating for some time daily, gradually increase the time. Do some yoga or some exercise for your own health.

I really hope above points will help you manage your time and tasks better at home. Stay Safe!


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