As Flawed as Ever

Accept your flaws, they make you unique. If the flaws can be diminished, of course make it work, but never ever feel ashamed of them. Because acceptance gives way to Change. A positive change.

ज़िंदगी – मिलने बिछड़ने का सफ़र

ज़िंदगी के इस हसीन सफ़र में मिलना और बिछड़ना तो लगा ही रहेगा । बस इतना इत्मिनान रहे कि मिले तो ख़ुशी से और बिछड़े तो फिर मिलने की उम्मीद से। हर रिश्ता  उम्र भर का होगा तो नहीं, पर इतना तो गुमान रहे कि कोशिश पूरी थी।

Be Thankful!

unsplash-logoNicole Honeywill Discomfort makes me want to move. Comfort makes me want to stay. Be thankful to every person who made you uncomfortable because they became the reason for you to move. They contributed in your progress more than anybody else.

Life or Maze?

Life is a maze with multiple solutions/exits/openings. We all are looking for our own exits. Our choices will determine where we end up!

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