Happily Persevere

Nothing measures up to the happiness that I feel when I create.
I have felt this happiness while using logic and writing code that finally did work to do a meaningful job.
I have felt this happiness while using paper and pencil and drawing something.
I have felt this happiness while using words, thoughts, experience and creating a story.
I noticed that my happiness increased multiple times if I had to cross many hurdles before reaching this finish line.
The amount of happiness I feel is directly proportional to the amount of effort I put in.
And this effort was not only in jumping the hurdles but was also in sustaining myself till I reached the finish line.
It is just so important to be able to create something, somewhere, for someone or yourself to find that true happiness finally and then outdoing yourself again and again.
Don’t expect these experiences to come by you easily because with easy things happiness does not come easily.
Make happiness your goal and work towards it, day and night, in and out and to make the journey memorable don’t forget to party on the way.
Each and every small achievement, every time a hurdle was crossed successfully however small that may be, deserves a celebration.


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