Life or Maze?

Life is a maze with multiple solutions/exits/openings. We all are looking for our own exits. Our choices will determine where we end up!


कुछ बदनसीब यादें

बहुत सहेज कर रखे थे वो पल , सोचा था याद बन कर सामने आएँगे तो दिल को फिर गुदगुदाएँगे। पर कुछ बदनसीब यादें ऐसी भी थी जो सुकून का वादा कर, अपने साथ वो बवंडर ले आयी थी जो सब कुछ तहस-नहस करने पर आमादा था।  

Snehali & Neerav Part 1: An invisible connection

Neerav was a self-made man with lots of responsibilities. These responsibilities had made him mature beyond his age. The struggles of his childhood had made him strong. He had learnt to hide his true self so much so that he even felt embarrassed whenever he fell ill. Neerav's hard work and dedication had helped him …

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