Just a photograph

It had been a long flight. Ashish should have been feeling sleep deprived and jet lagged instead he felt full of energy. He deboarded the plane, collected his baggage and left from the airport with a smile on his face. Next, he hired a taxi, looking at the number of bags he had - it …

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पहली बारिश

Photo by brazil topno from Pexels बहुत गरमी पड़ रही थी उस साल , जून का महीना था और मानसून के आने का सब को बेसब्री से इंतेज़ार था। दिल्ली जैसे शहर में किसी का काम रुकता नहीं है पर ये गरमी सबको बदहाल ज़रूर कर देती है। ज़रूरत थी तो एक अच्छी बौछार की …

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Snehali & Neerav Part 1: An invisible connection

Neerav was a self-made man with lots of responsibilities. These responsibilities had made him mature beyond his age. The struggles of his childhood had made him strong. He had learnt to hide his true self so much so that he even felt embarrassed whenever he fell ill. Neerav's hard work and dedication had helped him …

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