Snehali and Neerav, Part 2: A hint of care

Snehali was resting and had just kept her phone aside after sending the email for sick leave. She was feeling a bit down yesterday and today she had woken up with a headache and a high fever. She was complaining of headache when her mom had casually touched her forehead to check and had found it burning hot.

Snehali had taken the medicine for fever and now her temperature was getting back to normal. She could finally muster the strength to send an email to inform people at work. She had plans to go to the doctor with her Dad soon.

Snehali was her Dad’s darling daughter and he got very stressed whenever anything happened to her. She and her Dad were having tea and her Dad was as usual worrying for her “I always ask you to not eat anything from outside during the rainy season but you don’t listen to me”.

Snehali had replied “Yes Dad, but what to do. Golgappas are my favourite. I can’t imagine not having them atleast once a week.”

That is when they were joined by her Mom “Yes Dear, having golgappas is fine but if you were craving for them so badly, you could have told me. I would have prepared them for you.”

Snehali was having fun being pampered, she specially loved it when she fell ill and everyone became extra caring.

Her Dad soon said with a tense look “Ok, Make sure to get ready in time for Doctor’s appointment.” And then he had left the room to get ready.

Then her Mom had started “Let me know what you will be wearing I will get that out for you, and take bath with a bit warm water only . Do let me know if you feel your temperature rising.”

Mom added before leaving “Let me know what you feel like eating today.”.

Snehali was alone now and she started to get ready. She felt bad that she fell ill today. She had been looking forward to meet Neerav.


Neerav, at his office, kept staring at his screen for about 5 minutes. He kept re-reading the email Snehali had sent to the office group.

“Down with Fever. On Sick Leave today.”

He was trying to decipher the email, “Could it be that she was just angry with me that I did not contact her. And she just took a leave because she knew I was going to be back today. Is she avoiding me?”

Then Neerav got a grip on himself and thought “I should not be so negative, why would she avoid me. We are just -“. And then Neerav was thinking did he ever had a conversation with her where they talked about being friends?

He managed to tell himself “Snehali did not contact me during my leave, might be she does not think that we are friends. I should make sure to get that across whenever she is back.”

Neerav got up from his seat to get a coffee and soon enough did a face palm, “I am a jerk, I did not even ask what happened to her.”

He got the coffee, had no distraction at the pantry and came back with the coffee to his seat, took a sip of coffee and thought “I should send her a message.”

Neerav was in a dilemma for the entire day. He thought of replying to Snehali on the email, then he thought of sending her a message. He could not decide and then he got absorbed in his work. It was in the evening that he decided to text her asking about her health. He composed the message:

“What happened to you? You had to get sick the day I was supposed to come back?” then he thought for a few seconds and deleted the last line and changed the message to

“What happened to you? All well?”

Neerav still was thinking and again changed the message to

“Saw your email. What happened to you?” and then finally sent.


Snehali’s phone was lying in her room, she had been expecting some messages from her office friends to ask about her health and any work related queries so she had the phone with her the whole day. Now, this was evening time and she was tired, she was just sitting on the sofa in the drawing room with her Mom.

It was when she was about to retire for the day and was checking for any new notifications in her phone that she saw Neerav’s message. Snehali’s heart did skip a beat. After all he messaged. She felt like rejoicing and soon started to type. Just then her brother entered her room asking about her health. He had come back from a match he was playing locally. Snehali kept the phone on the side of the bed, chatted with her brother, decided it was too late to reply to Neerav’s message. Switched off the lights in her room and went to sleep.


To Be Continued …..


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